Gentle Truth Healing
Experience Unconditional Love and Non-Judgment
Valynda has hundreds of hours
of certification and training!

Certifications – Licenses - Training

1993    Meditation facilitator for group and private classes and Reiki Master, Kinesiology (muscle testing) 
1995    Medium Training - Certified Spiritual Table-Tipping Facilitator/Teacher
1995    Oh Cards/Intuitive Angelic Readings
1997    Certified in Swedish Fibromyalgia and Chair Massage, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
1997    Doctorate in Metaphysics, Motivation Counseling and Philosophy in Religion Universal Life   

                1997    Lifeline to Health 21 Days to Peace Facilitator

2000    Mars Venus Institute Workshop Facilitator with Dr. John Gray 
2001    Oriental Medicine and Manual Lymphatic Visceral Drainage Massage                                                  

2002    Ordained Minister in the Universal Church of the Masters, 8-year private study program 
             completed in Counseling, Meditation, Emotional healing practices

2002    Institute of Natural Therapeutics, Inc. completed 500 Hour Massage Therapist Recertification 
             program for new licensing

2003    Minister of Non-Denominational Gentle Truth Church, 501(c)(3) status

Over the years, Valynda has also completed the following: 
Triunity Metaphysical Research, 50-Hour Graduate Degree: Studies in Mind, Body, Soul, i.e.; emotional integration techniques



of Healing, 100 hours of training in Energy anatomy, chakra balancing and aura cleansing and natomy/Physiology


Certified Life Coach, 100 hours of training with SWIHA


Specific Massage and Healing techniques
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (204 hours)

Swedish Massage

Thai Massage (30 hours)
Fibromyalgia Therapy Massage (10 hours)

Corporate Chair massage (4 hours)

Face-Lift Acupressure (4 hours)

Face Reflexology (4 hours)

Lower Back Pain Release (8 hours)

Neck Release (8 hours)

Cranial Sacral (16 hours)              

Reflexology (8 hours)

Refelxology Protocols and Specifics in Maui, Hawaii (30 hours)
Thai Foot Massage (15 hours)
American Medical Massage Association - Medical Massage (6 hours)

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Lymphatic/Visceral Massage (50 hours)

Nero-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis (Level One and Level Two)                      

Iridology, Herbs and Nutrition (Basic Training and Advanced Training)

Bach Flower Essences — Homeopathic (Introductory Seminar and Level Two Training)

Prescott Community College — Registered Mentor Program

 Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (currently on sabbatical)

Instructor, teaching “Chakra Introduction,” “How to See and Feel Aura’s,” as well as developed and taught “Manifesting Your Dreams” and fill in instructor for Ancient Ear Coning

Massage License – State of Arizona (1995 to present)

                Meditation Facilitator — Teaching Meditation Group and Private Classes since 1993
                Certified Tour Group Leader and Medium for the Casa Dom Ignacio, Brazil, since 2004

Axiatonal Alignment Grid Line Energetic Therapy (Master Training)

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique since 2005

Kinesiology (Muscle testing) since 1993
Inner Child Emotional Release (Master Teacher/Trainer)

Cranial Sacral Therapy since 2000

Oh Card/Intuitive and Angelic Readings since 1995

Medium Training —Certified Spiritual Table Tipping (facilitator/teacher since 1995)

The USUI Method of Natural Healing — Reiki Hands-on Healing Practice, trained in Level One, Level Two, Advanced, Master Level, Master Teacher


Radio Show Guest Spots

1997                       Radio guest on Beyond Positive Thinking Radio, Detroit, Michigan

2004-2005            Radio guest on Air America Bi-weekly Medical Intuitive Show

2005                       Achieve Radio guest spots, Angel Messages and guest hosted Energy Medicine Show

2008                       Radio Guest on weekly Talk Radio, Medical Intuitive Show

2010                       Radio Guest on KWSS Talk Radio, Spiritual Table Tipping Interview

Creator and Author

2003       Author, Creator “Angel Kidz” — Angel Cards and Inspirational Message Book for Children, Illustrated by Wendy Konick,


Valynda is a Teacher/Trainer for the following certification classes:                      

·         Reiki- All Levels

·         Children's Reiki Classes

·         Meditation

·         Inner Child Workshops

·         Manifestation and Vision Board Workshops                                                                  

·         Aura Clearing and Reading

·         Chakra's and Chakra Balancing

·         Spiritual Table Tipping – Medium Training

·         Raindrop Therapy (Essential Oils)

·         Face-Lift Acupressure   

·         The Spiral of Life — (Ancient Ear coning Process)

·         Herbal Body Wraps   

·         Herbal Sinus Wraps

·         Couples Massage


Valynda has written numerous articles on an on-going basis for the following publications:  
 "The Light"
 "Networking News"
 "Arizona Health"
 "Seniors World"
  And various private newsletters for InnerChild/Emotional Release Therapy.
She has been featured in the East Valley Tribune in 2005, for the Angel Kidz Cards she developed to assist parents with positive parenting.