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Hands on Healing

BODY — Hands On  Healing                                  

Hands-on techniques to help detect and correct imbalances in the central nervous system, muscles and joints. Tap into the natural self-healing ability of your body. Valynda offers Swedish-Energy Massage, Cranial Sacral Massage and Energy Work,  Body and Facial Wraps, Thai Foot Massage or Reflexology and Raindrop Therapy (Essential Oils).


Cranial Sacral Energy Work   $90

A hands-on technique to help detect and correct imbalances in the central nervous system and to tap into the amazing self-healing ability of the body. 1 hour session


Light Gentle Pressure Energy Massage  $80

Using very gentle pressure and energy  to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits, Valynda combines healing energy techniques with a light touch massage.
1 hour session 

Back and Neck Massage   $45      30 minutes concentrated on back and neck only 


NOTE: I have replaced this $150 Body Wrap with an affordable wrap you can also continue to do at home. Please contact me for a first time wrap for ONLY $25. This is not just water TONES, TIGHTENS and FIRMS the skin - Reducing the appearance of cellulite also.   
Oriental Body Wrap  $150 - no longer available.

An incredibly soothing, detoxifying and moisturizing body wrap and massage. Using essential oils and herb mixtures put together by an Oriental Medical Doctor. Your entire body is gently rubbed exfoliating dead skin cells, detoxing and moisturizing you gently.
I have replaced this since it was not as effective as the wrap I have that is only $25 or 4 for $59.00 


Thai Foot Massage or Reflexology  $80

Reflexology, based on an ancient Chinese system, believes that there are nerve endings in

the soles of the feet that correspond to all of the organs of the body such as the liver, kidney or spleen. The gentle and repeated massage of these pressure points stimulates and detoxifies the internal organs and improves circulation to the problem area. 1 hour session 


Raindrop Therapy/Aromatherapy    $120

The Raindrop Therapy combines the science of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage. Applying essential oils to specific areas of the body brings a sense of well-being through structural and electrical alignment within the body. 1 hour session


Manual Lymphatic Drainage/Fibromyalgia Massage Therapy  $80

The lymphatic system is the foundation of our immune system. Using a whole body approach, lymphatic drainage massage facilitates the movement of congested lymph fluids so a detoxifying process can begin. This unique form of massage balances the body’s internal chemistry and purifies, stabilizes and regenerates tissues and stimulates internal organ functions. This powerful, yet gentle therapy aids in recovery from illness, promotes weight loss, prevents disease and improves overall body appearance.
A special Fibromyalgia massage utilizes some of the tecniques of the Lymphatic Massage in conjunction with brushing and energy work.  Clients with fibromyalgia find this massage to be very relaxing and to relieve pain and fluid build up.  1 hour session