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What People are Saying About Valynda

“Valynda is a gifted healer and sensitive counselor. She was a catalyst in my opening up to a ‘new beginning’ and a whole new way of being.

She is my guiding light!”

- Teresa Marie Pablo

Life Coaching
"Before I met Valynda I put less important things first in my life. I was neglectful to my body and my work would consume most of my time. I knew how to eat well although I would continue to eat fast food and junk food throughout the week. I would seldom exercise, and the asthma condition I have had a strong physical and mental hold of me.

"I was skeptical in talking to a life coach, my sister encouraged me to do so, and I wanted to give it a try and have an open mind about it. I am very glad I did as I consider meeting Valynda the turning point in my life. I put myself first now, the way I eat has improved significantly, and I exercise daily. Instead of being overloaded with work I am working on each aspect of my life and I no longer ignore them. I use less of the asthma medication today, and hope to be asthma free in the near future. Thank you Valynda, I feel as though my life is back on track and I am ready to live it to its fullest extent."
                                                                                - Jason O.  (Phoenix, AZ.)

About Valynda
"Spending time with Valynda is like a fresh batch of home made cookies... mmmmm! You will love it!"                                    - P. R. (Queen Creek AZ)

"It has been my great pleasure to know Valynda Dupre’ for the last eight years as both a healer and a friend.  She is and has been an “oasis of light” for me in this sea of unloving-unconscious humanity. Valynda is of the highest integrity both personally, as well as in her healing work.  I recommend her unequivocally for your ministry program, as she has been an example and a guide for me on my own spiritual journey."                                                                                        - Ann Dewitt

“I am so pleased with Valynda’s work and have moved through some old issues so quickly, I’ve really been surprised. I would be glad to be a reference for Valynda for those looking for healing, but are unsure who to call.” - Jan Covert

After my husband's Oh Card Reading and Foot Massage, he said he had a great time with you on many different levels. In fact, I bought him all kinds of warm up suits, Nike tennis stuff, etc. for his birthday and I always tell him that if he wants, I'll return everything I bought him so he can get whatever else he wants.  When he got back from you he said, "mind if we return all that other stuff so I can use the money to see Valynda some more?"  I was overjoyed!  His reading was FASCINATING and EVERYTHING he needed to hear!!  I'm just reverent about the whole glad you came into our lives.                                      - A.T.

"I just wanted to express how grateful I am to experience you're gentle truth healing. I truly believe that you are here on this earth to guide other woman back into their soul selves. When I leave you're sessions I am left feeling both heavy and light.. grounded into the earth and light as spirit being. Thank you for creating such a gentle space where I may safely surrender."                                         - Danielle

Inner Child/Life Coaching

"I wanted to share with you how much I appreciated the inner child session I had with you.  It really opened the door for the healing that needed to take place between my Dad and I.  My Dad just recently passed away and there was no animosity, anger, just love and I am sure the inner child session I had with you paved the way for his easy and graceful transition."          -- xxx, Lori

"I have seen Valynda for inner child and life coaching over a period of several years now.  I always gain insights from each and every session, but more than one has resulted in profound changes, both physically and emotionally.  I have found relief from chronic health problems and addiction issues, and have been able to unhook from my destructive maternal relationship, as well as improve my outlook on life and my gratitude for living. She is truly a miracle worker."

-- Kirsten Buck, Phoenix

"I have seen Valynda for inner child and life coaching. I always gain insights from each and every session, but more than one has resulted in profound changes, both physically and emotionally. I have found relief from chronic health problems and addiction issues, and have been able to unhook from my destructive maternal relationship, as well as improve my outlook on life and my gratitude for living. She is truly a miracle worker."                - K. B., Phoenix AZ

"Valynda, meeting you two (2) years ago has made a huge difference in my life, and the life of my family... the universe brought us together on a level of spiritual support that could only be lead by angels of love. Thank you for the 'inner child work', 'my axiatonal alignment', 'angel kids', and last on the list today 'life coaching. Each session has brought even my saddened altered ego out into expression. I have become more dedicated to myself, my true goals and my soul's destiny... My daughters are now family members of Gentle Truth Healing, and I can't wait to watch their expansion. I am thankful for your patience and sincere heart."                         - H. K., Chandler AZ via Dallas, TX

You have been my best "unofficial coach" for these many years. You always seem to know just what I need and when including honesty and clarity when I am caught up in some form of illusion!                            - E. B. Washington DC

“As far as your aim to help me (and others) to reach their dreams… well, keep up the good work. The insights and techniques. I’ve learned so far, from our sessions, have been invaluable.”                                                       - Josh Key

Thanks so much for the life coaching session last night. I've been hard at work on the music this morning--working towards those goals. Your help was invaluable in helping me really get started and have a sort of framework now--reachable goals. I'm glad to know I can call on you if I need further assistance.
- C. S. Tempe AZ

"I have worked with Valynda on inner child emotional release and life coaching sessions.  Every session has improved my outlook and feeling about life. She has helped me accomplish financial and career goals.  She has helped me see the big picture about my life with clarity. One session even improved my golf game.  For her work I am truly grateful and thankful. Other clients refer to her as a miracle worker and I must agree.                                          -- Nate N.

“I received Reiki healing treatments from Valynda. My physical as well as emotional and spiritual well being was profoundly enhanced by her treatments so I took classes from her in Reiki I, II, & III. I give the highest recommendation to participate in any class Valynda conducts.”           - Marijean Henderson, M.A.

“I feel very blessed to have Valynda in my life. Her joyful spirit and unconditional love make you feel instantly at ease. She is a gifted healer and teacher who, I am sure, is divinely guided. My association with Valynda has worked miracles in my life.”                                                                                     - D. Delahanty

John of God  

Through all of my healing work with John of God, it was extremely helpful having Valynda as my guide.  When I raised concern that nothing seemed to be improving and the night pain from the sciatic nerve was at least as bad or worse, she explained that’s often how things work:  that pain or symptoms of illness do often increase so that the entities can work on them totally!  Indeed, sometimes I felt definite and perhaps increased pain as I felt the healing energy of the entities at work—an interesting combination.  Thanks to Valynda, I continued to have faith, to attend to forgiveness, to work on letting go of attachments—including my attachment to experiencing miracles—and with Valynda’s continued encouragement and guidance, miracles actually did happen, on all levels! Valynda is a sweet and generous soul, a compassionate and loving human being whom I greatly enjoyed and benefited from having as my guide. 
- Connie W.


"I just want to thank both of you for all your help.  After doing the hypnotherapy with you and the alphabiotics with John my golf scores have dropped dramatically.  I would typically score between 94 and 102 on a regular basis.  Now after working with you guys my best score was a 77 and I consistently shoot between 84-86 easily. Thanks again for all your help!" -Nathan Nolley


"Thanks again for the massage...back/spine feels awesome..I went and hit golf balls at the store and my muscles and back felt great...yesterday they were aching from the twisting and turning and even today....before our session."                      - N.N.

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